What is Transcultural Management Society?

Transcultural Management Society (TMS) was founded in Tokyo in March 2003.

TMS is an interdisciplinary organization whose purpose is to explore and establish the academic field of cross-cultural management or transcultural management.* TMS considers collaboration of the academic field and the business circle crucial in its endeavor. The membership reflects this spirit and TMS encourages active exchange of opinions among members of academic and business backgrounds.

TMS holds conferences and workshops regularly and publishes its journal annually. TMS promotes communication and interaction among members of diverse cultures: profession, gender, age, nationalities, ethnic group, language, religion and other attributes.

TMS covers the following fields: Cross-cultural management, international business, diversity management, multinational companies, global corporations, human resources management, strategic alliance, global marketing, personnel motivation, brand management, transplant of production overseas, implication of information technology, business ethics and others.

*Note: Cross-cultural management and intercultural management can be used interchangeably. TMS prefers to use a new word called "transcultural": "trans" means both "across" and "beyond" and "transcultural" signifies the encompassing of diverse cultures.

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